InterSymp Program, 2004

Conference Programs


16th Annual Intersymp Conference Organizing Committee

Program for the Entire IIAS Conference, 2004

Opening Plenary Session

Quantitative Modelling of Human Market Interactions

Decision Technology and Intelligent Information Systems

Cognitive, Emotive and Ethical Aspects of Decision Making in Humans and in AI

Comparative and Integrative Medicine

Axiomatic Education - II

Personal and Spiritual Development in the World of Cultural Diversity

Simulation-Based Decision Support in Enterprises and Regional Planning

Intelligent Software Systems for the New Infostructure

Systems Logic, AI and Engineering Cybernetics

Individual Freedom and Individual Responsibility Balancing Society’s Requirements and Individual Needs

Systems Research in the Arts: Music, Environmental Design and the Choreography of Space

Sustainable Development: Theories, Strategies and Global Governance Systems

EcoInformatics, Environmental Systems Research and Environmental Cybernetics

Language Learning and Teaching, Data Communication and Cybernetic Modeling

Health, Healing & Medicine – III

ORWELLIAN SYMPOSIUM - Part I: The Impact of Current Socio-Political Developments on Freedom and on the Future Development of our Society

AI & Engineering Cybernetics: Database and Expert Systems

Anticipative and Predictive Models in Systems Science

Instrumental Biocommunication and Nutritional Medicine

Systems Theory in Religion and Theology

Global Education via the Virtual Classroom over the Internet

Health, Healing and Intelligent Medicine

Art and Science

Risk Analysis and Management Cybernetics

Cybernetics & Contemporary Life

Meeting of the Board of Directors