Announcing InterSymp 2018

"Call for Papers"


"Metamorphosis of Society: Society in Transition and Transformation"(PDF)

Special Focus Symposium and a Panel on "Toxic Contamination of our Environment, Pollution and Genetically Modified Food and Their Impact on our Health and Wellbeing" (PDF)

"7th International Symposium on Sociodiagnostics and Sociomapping" (PDF)

"38th Special Focus Symposium on Health, Healthcare Systems, Healing & Intelligent Medicine"(PDF)

"19th Symposium on Sustainable Development: Theories, Strategies and Global Governance Systems"(PDF)

"15th Symposium on Personal and Spiritual Development in the World of Cultural Diversity"(PDF)

"19th Symposium on Decision Technology and Intelligent Information Systems"(PDF)

"11th International Symposium on Architecture of 21st Century: In Search of New Paradigms"(PDF)

"16th Special Focus Symposium on Advances in Art and Science" (PDF)

"Special Focus Symposium on Risk Analysis and Risk Management" (PDF)

"Symposium on Anticipative Models in Physics, Relativistic Quantum Mechanics, Biology and Informatics" (PDF)