Announcing InterSymp 2006 "Programs"


"18th International Conference on Systems Research, Informatics and Cybernetics; Program Overview"(PDF)

"Conference Organizing Committee"(PDF)

August 7, 2006 (Monday)

"Opening Plenary Session."(PDF)

"Symposium on Catallactics: Quantitative-Behavioural Modelling Of Human Actions and Interactions on Markets"(PDF)

August 8, 2006 (Tuesday)

"Symposium on Systems Research in Mathematics, Logic, Linquistics, Informatics, AI, Modeling and Cognition  Keynote Addresses" (PDF)

"Symposium on the Applied Psychology of Values, Ethics, and Management in Organizations" (PDF)

"Symposium on Cognitive, Emotive and Ethical Aspects of Decision Making in Humans and in AI  Invited Papers" (PDF)

"Symposium on Comparative and Integrative Medicine" (PDF)

"Symposium on Advances in Intelligent Software Systems" (PDF)

"Symposium on Sustainable Development: Theories, Strategies and Global Governance Systems" (PDF)

"Symposium on Urban Revitalization and Social Sustainability" (PDF)

"Systems Research in the Arts: Music, Environmental Design and the Choreography of Space" (PDF)

August 9, 2006 (Wednesday)

"Symposium on Art and Science" (PDF)

"Symposium on Information Systems Research and Systems Approach" (PDF)

"Symposium on Computer Science, BioInformatics and Engineering Cybernetics" (PDF)

"Symposium on Nanotechnology and Nanoscience" (PDF)

"Symposium on Personal and Spiritual Development in the World of Cultural Diversity" (PDF)

"Symposium on Simulation-Based Decision Support" (PDF)

"Symposium on the Substantive Professionalization of General Education" (PDF)

"Systems Research in the Arts: Music, Environmental Design and the Choreography of Space" (PDF)

"Symposium on CISKS: Communication and Information Sciences in the Knowledge Society" (PDF)

"Plenary Session on Cybernetics, Systems Research and Contemporary Life" (PDF)

August 10, 2006 (Thursday)

"2006 - ORWELLIAN FORUM: The Impact of Current Socio-Political Developments on Freedom and on the Future Development of our Society" (PDF)

"Symposium on Decision Technology and Intelligent Information Systems" (PDF)

"Symposium on Digital Architecture & Engineering Science" (PDF)

"Symposium on Education" (PDF)

"Symposium on Individual Freedom and Individual Responsibility Balancing Society s Requirements and Individual Needs " (PDF)

"Symposium on Bio-Ethics and on Intelligent/Informational Medicine" (PDF)

"Symposium on Neuronics / Operations Research, Security of Information / Engineering Cybernetics" (PDF)

"Symposium on Market Conditions, Risk Analysis and Management Cybernetics" (PDF)

"Symposium /Workshop on The Global Educational Network A Proposition for an Interactive Global Ph.D. Program  Part III." (PDF)