Announcing Intersymp 2015 "Programs"


"35th International Conference on Systems Research, Informatics and Cybernetics; Program Overview" (PDF)

"Program Cover Page" (PDF)

"Conference Organizing and Program Committee" (PDF)

August 3rd, 2015 (Monday)

"Opening Plenary Session" (PDF)

"Post-Orwellian Symposium on Manipulated Man In a Manipulated Society of Mass Surveillance" (PDF)

August 4th, 2015 (Tuesday)

"13th Symposium on Art and Science I" (PDF)

"12th Symposium on Personal and Spiritual Development in the World of Cultural Diversity" (PDF)

" Plenary Session II on Cybernetics and Systems Research of Human Mind, Empathy and Compassion and Panel on Human Ecology and Enviornmental Cybernetics" (PDF)

"Symposium on Open Problems in Anticipative Models of Physical and Living Systems - Part 1" (PDF)

"Festive Reception" (PDF)

August 5th, 2015 (Wednesday)

"Practical Physical Exercise for Health Maintenance" (Hall A) and "16th International Symposium on Sustainable Development: Theories, Strategies and Global Governance Systems " (Hall B) (PDF)

"5th International Symposium on Simulation Based Decision Support and Business Intelligence" (PDF)

"8th International Symposium on Architecture of the 21st Century: In Search of New Paradigms" (PDF)

"35th Symposium on Health Care and Intelligent Medicine" (PDF)

"Plenary Session and Symposium on Engineering Cybernetics and Systems Research" (PDF)

August 6th, 2015 (Thursday)

"13th Symposium on Art and Science II" (PDF)

"3rd IIAS Symposium on Human Happiness" (PDF)

"16th Symposium on Decision Technology and Intelligent Information Systems" (PDF)

"Symposium on Sociocybernetics, Sociodiagnostics and Sociomapping" (PDF)

"Symposium on Open Problems in Anticipative Models of Physical and Living Systems - Part 2" (PDF)

August 7th, 2015 (Thursday)

"Meeting of the Board of Directors" (PDF)

"5th Special Focus Symposium and Workshop on Humor and Laughter - with Audience Participation" (PDF)