Announcing Intersymp 2017 "Programs"


"Program Cover" (PDF)

"Program Contents" (PDF)

"Opening Plenary Session A - Keynote Addresses" (PDF)

"Opening Plenary Session B - Continuing with Keynote Addresses on Sociocybernetics & Sociosynergetics" (PDF)

"15th Symposium on Advances in Art and Science 1" (PDF)

"10th International Symposium on Architecture of 21st Century: In Search of New Paradigms" (PDF)

"18th Symposium on Sustainable Development: Theories, Strategies and Global Governance Systems" (PDF)

"14th Symposium on Personal and Spiritual Development in the World of Cultural Diversity" (PDF)

"37th Symposium on Health Care and Intelligent Medicine - Keynote Addresses" (PDF)

"5th Symposium on Analysis and Decision-Making in Complex and Uncertain Systems" (PDF)

"7th International Symposium on Simulation Based Decision Support and Business Intelligence" (PDF)

"18th International Conference on Decision Technology and Intelligent Information Systems and General Session on Cybernetics, Synergetics and Systems Research" (PDF)

"Multi Media Workshop: How to Digitize and Rejuvenate Old Movie Films Using Special Transfer Equipment and Available Color Correction Software" (PDF)

"Symposium on Reversible Time, Retardation and Anticipation in Quantum Physics, Biology And Cybernetics" (PDF)

"Symposium and Panel on Cybernetics & Systems Research, Synergetics, Informatics, Logic and Mathematics" (PDF)